I first went to Rolfing as a way to help keep me away from injuries as a runner. What I got was so much more! I could breathe easier and felt comfortable in my body for the first time in a long time. Rolfing is transformative and I feel lucky to have found this work and share it with others!

I graduated from the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute in May 2022 and began my work as a Rolfer in Anchorage.  I was able to work with a wonderful community of runners, skiers, and people wanting to move their bodies and enjoy the outdoors. I worked with athletes of all ability levels, up to Olympians. I’m so thankful to have started practicing up there and am so excited to work down here in Salt Lake. 

I’ve been active my whole life, as a D1 athlete, Irish dancer, mountain runner, biker, and now beginner Nordic and downhill skier. I know how therapeutic outdoor movement is and want to be able to help others get out there and keep doing what they love. Rolfing can empower you to feel the endless possibilities of what your body is capable of and helps facilitate freer movement for the whole person in the little moments in life; whether that be playing with your cat, holding your kids, or just sitting and breathing and watching the sunset!

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