“I was introduced to Mary Phillips as a result of my efforts to overcome a painful back injury.  I am in much less pain as a result of the work Mary has done in my body.  Mary is very personable and professional.  I am much more comfortable in all of my pursuits because of Mary’s work.  Rolfing is a  critical part of my efforts to stay healthy.  I would recommend Mary to any one who is looking for balance and organization in their bodies.”

Ben Eicher, UPS Driver

“Rolfing with Mary has been a great experience for me over the past year.  After each session I feel refreshed and full of well-being and also like I learned something about my body that I can take away and work on.  Mary always provides useful feedback for how I can improve certain aspects of my posture and has great ideas about general health that anyone can apply.  Over the course of the year I overcame a foot injury and was pleased to develop a greater sense of my posture and how I was holding certain muscles that I use in my daily living.  She is a consummate professional and I would confidently recommend her to anyone looking to improve their health.

– Nate, Dancer

I’m a nurse so trained in western medicine ways…After years of migraine headaches I was searching for an alternative treatment that wouldn’t involve synthetic chemicals. Seizure meds wouldn’t mask the pain and put me to sleep in a dark quiet room…Anyone who has migraines knows how debilitating and painful they are. I stumble upon a rolfing pamphlet at my hospital library and thought it could be interesting. I gave it to my mother who also had terrible posture and headaches. She called Mary and started the 10 series.

I decided to wait it out and see how it worked for her before I spent the money myself! Mom finished and a month later realized one day that she couldn’t remember the last time she had a headache!! Her posture was much improved. In fact people commented how young she looked. (I think poor posture ages your appearance). I took the plunge and stopped all medications and met Mary.

She is one of the sweetest, non-judgmental people I know. As nervous as I was to stand in front of her in my undies, I felt I could look like the hunchback of Notre Dame and feel safe. I was having 2-5 migraines per week when I first started. After the 5th session I noticed  a drop in frequency- you must stick with it since the body needs time to move years of bad muscle memory. Sure enough a month or two after my 10th session I also noticed drastic improvements. I had maybe 1-2 per month versus an average of 12 per month. I felt like a different person! I was not trying to function through pain, I was simply not HAVING PAIN!

Was it worth it? Yes! Every penny! Would I do it again? In a heartbeat! Go see Mary- I promise you’ll be glad you did!

Danielle Ahlquist, Nurse

“Mary Phillips helped me to start feeling again…..Literally. I started going to Mary to treat my Thoracic Outlet Syndrome in 2006.  My entire body went completely numb from the neck down & I was pretty desperate for help when someone recommended Rolfing.

My “conventional” doctor openly ridiculed me for this decision.  He said that I’d need to have surgery on both of my arms & then maybe after 6-8 months of physical therapy I might regain a little feeling in my arms.

Mary not only helped me regainMary Phillips 100% of the feeling in my entire body, she also eradicated the intense asthma-like breathing difficulties that were a result of the numbness. This all happened in only 3 months.

The money I spent on Rolfing with Mary was a fraction of what I would have spent on surgery & the effects last for years, not weeks like I was used to expecting from a chiropractor. She’s helped me with numbness, breathing (in both my lung capacity & my sinuses), foot pain, posture, lower back pain & neck spasms.

I’d also dare say that working with Mary has brought me a kind of inner peace through physical healing that I could not have found elsewhere.  I would highly recommend Mary to anyone looking to achieve long-term wellness.  It is so very worth it.

About the pain….Occasionally, when I tell people how grateful I am that I discovered Mary & Rolfing, I hear a response like “oh, I hear that stuff is so painful I could never try it”, etc.  I always respond “I’d rather have 10 seconds of discomfort vs. a lifetime of endless pain & that’s the trade-off that Mary’s Rolfing has given me.”  Besides, Mary will work with you to discover what works best for your body, and help you to heal on your own terms.”

Natalie Banks, Lead Manager