Mary Phillips Certified RolferIt has been our experience that the tissues of the body are your emotions, spirit and soul manifest. Therefore, opening, releasing and unwinding tissues of the body that have grown still and stuck can have expansive effects on your psyche. As your tissues become unstuck, you may notice more possibility for openness, flow and connection with other people and your environment. You may have an experience of relating to people and the world around you with a deeper and more full sense of self. Ida Rolf said, ” there is an ongoing psychological change as well toward balance, toward serenity, toward a whole person. The whole person evidences a more apparent, more potent psychic development.”

The work

Sometimes it feels like sculpting,
the tissue wants to be physically met.  
To know where it stands in the world,
where it stands in relationship,
to me,
to gravity,
to itself. 
The flesh wants a new experience,
a different conversation.
To be exposed and altered.
I till the earth. 
I am listening,
the body tells me.

Sometimes it wants the conversation deeper.
Space and time shift, get wobbly.
I use my spine to stay in the room.
A pole around which everything can collapse, and rebuild.
A dark container arrives in which old patterns
unearth themselves.
Twist in bone from childhood mishap,
Scars in heart fascia from loss,
Tidal breath of tired organs.
A longing to retreat to a time before 
the first wound. 
A longing for order.

Something about being seen, 
wrenched rib
still liver,
crowded neck,
lets a new thing emerge.
Not getting back to a time before,
but making space for the damage.
Integrating the pain of being alive 
back into the miracle.
My spine listens, sees, contains,
I am not I.  I am a watcher,
A conversation haver, 
A woman dancing a duet.

Mary Phillips